Collins Customised Stationery

Collins customised stationery

Have you ever wanted
your own customised stationery?

Collins Customised Stationery is the perfect solution for businesses with requirements for small quantities and don't want to skip on quality. It's also the right choice for conferences and special events when time is critical and you need someone to rely on.

Collins knocks the competition out of the water because the lead times are an incredible ten working days! That's because all the work is done right here in New Zealand. You can trust us to deliver on time and to the highest quality because it's something we have been doing for more than 150 years. To save on time and money all you have to do is decide what product you want, prepare your logo or artwork, and place your order with your preferred Promotional Products or Office Products Reseller. For more information on How to Order click here.

The solution is simple and hassle free.

Made in New Zealand Environmental Choice New Zealand Enviro Mark NZ - Diamond